There is something deeper inside you.

But whatever it is, only you can unearth and feed it.

My own journey to something began long ago; I cast out a wide net to find it.

I was wary of getting a “real” job after college. So I didn’t. Instead, I was a digital nomad, farmer, concierge, cheese-maker, tour guide, volunteer, jeweler (huh!?), builder, ski bum, professional foodie, touring singer, actress, spokeswoman, and comedian. I lived in five states and spent over two years living and working abroad.

I read and experienced  as much as I could.

Slowly, I pulled in the net and closed in on my catch … my something.

And suddenly, there it was. Rather, there they  were: words.

And all that living I’ve done?

I’m making a living off it.

I’m carving out life as a writer and editor, and every step before now was a stepping stone. Every step still is.

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s scary. It takes balls, and (let’s not get literal here) I don’t always have them.

Do you relate?

Maybe writing is your thing too.

Or is it entrepreneurship? Graphic design? Teaching? Dance? Podcasts? Photography? Rollerblading?

Your thing can be anything. If you want to create a living from passion, to design a life of your own, take this quest with me.

To be honest, I need the company.

Help me stay accountable. Help me believe I can do it.

And I’ll do the same for you. Deal?


Hop in—the engine’s running!


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