I grew up thinking creativity was only for the “creative types.”


I also grew up thinking I wasn’t one of them.


Apathetically, I graduated honors with a summa cum laude International Business degree. Apathetically, I worked in finance, estate management, five star hospitality, gourmet food sales, international volunteerism, digital nomadism, acting, comedy, branding, and media production.

In over ten years of pivots, home included Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Portland, New Zealand, and Atlanta. In-between, I spent long stretches living, traveling, and working in over 18 countries.

In short:

I explored and tinkered … a lot. The results weren’t always (or often) positive; in fact, my story is riddled with failed relationships, failed endeavors, and a robust blend of imposter syndrome and self-criticism.

Nothing was juuust right, but I Goldilocks’d my way into understanding that each change was a stepping stone toward my ultimate goal: helping others design the creative life they want.

My early belief turned out to be true:

Creativity is for the “creative types.”

And fancy that—we are all the creative types.

Yes, you are a creative genius (already).

Creativity isn’t about “inherent” artsiness—it’s about decisive confidence. It’s not paint brushes, Photoshop, or paper mâché—it’s grit, discipline, and the courage to bet on yourself.

So here I am, betting like crazy, designing the life I want, and soaking up the South as a creative coach in Atlanta, Georgia. When I’m not talking with my inspirations/clients, I’m shamelessly cheerleading my book on free travel, writing, getting lost in a novel, devising something in the kitchen, or taking a long walk or bike ride.  

But enough about me, it’s you I want to hear from.

Shoot me a message!


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