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There is (literally) only one person like you, which means you have something absolutely original to offer. There’s no use hiding it anymore.


Yes, you are a creative genius (already). You aren’t lacking some “natural ability” to be creative, because creativity is as innate as a heartbeat


Nor are you lacking a natural ability to use your creativity to design the life you want. That’s already in you, too, and my job is helping you find it. If you’re reading this now, congratulations—you’ve already begun!

Maybe you don’t believe me, but you will. And you know what? It’s okay to be amazing—expert, even—and still need a support system. Michael damn Phelps needs a support system. So when you’re ready to put on the gloves and start swinging, I’m in your corner.

It’s not just that I’ll help you unlock your greatness, it’s that I know where you’re coming from. I’ve taken the journey myself, spending years getting battered, bruised, and just plain lost to figure out the tools of creative success.

Belief in yourself may be the only crucial missing ingredient in your soon-to-be future. I get it, and I know it’s scary. That’s the price of making something out of nothing.

But if you’re close, if you’re sitting there reading and knowing that all you need is a little nudge off the ledge, let’s connect. I believe you can fly, and I can’t stand to watch you stay grounded. I don’t even care if that’s a cheesy metaphor—it’s the truth.

You don’t need creativity—you already have it. What you need is accountability to the force that is already in you. That’s why I’m here.

Based on active listening, holistic self-care, and mindful critical thinking, we’ll devise a plan and trailblaze the you-know-what out of life.


What’s a Creative Coach?

Maybe you have a small business idea, a book, a website, startup, product, service, etc.? Maybe you know what it needs, but you’re just not doing it?

You’re in the right place, and I got you.

Or, okay: you’re not ready to go full-time creative (yet), but you’re feeling the pull to explore? That’s perfect.

I’m part-creative coach, part-multipreneur, part-creative, part-stoic, and part-cheerleader. I bring deep listening, blunt courage, and empathetic problem-solving to your story. I read between the lines, find patterns that could be keeping you stuck, and help you get out of your way.

From there, we write the next chapter together.

Hangups come and go, and I’m about finding a way through them, every time. Your past is important, but we’ll focus on the now.  This isn’t a therapist-patient relationship, nor a consultant-pupil thing.

This is a partnership. 


I’m a creative coach in Atlanta, but you don’t have to be here to work with me. My clients are all over America—there are even a couple abroad!

I’d love to learn more about you, discuss the possibility of working together, and determine if we’re a good fit, so let’s hop on the phone (don’t worry—it’s on me).

Plan a phone call now!

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