The Big “Wait” Before Work

I want … something.
A voice in my head tells me to pause, to wait before doing something “professional” with my day because something else needs to happen first. But I don’t know what, and can’t know what.
I want to wait before working perhaps because I simply don’t want to work. I want the freedom to sit and read and wander, but I know, because I’ve learned, that when I have that I don’t do very well with it. I sit, and worry, and wonder what I’m good for.
I want to wait before working because I need to say something—to what, whom? There’s an impulse to pause, hesitate, be still, absorb … A fickle voice whispering, “If you wait … something could happen. Something big could happen!”
Perhaps it’s just a pause I need to say something to myself: I’m here, I’m ready, and that is scary.

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Human Doing or Human Being?

Life has been weird lately. Not because anything’s happening, but because of the opposite.
Nothing is happening.
For the first time since an early-20s gleefully unemployed phase, I don’t have anything to work on, I don’t have to scramble to find something, and nobody is waiting on me for anything.
I’m just here. Being.
Or Trying to be.

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You Have a Secret … (recipe)

Everybody has a recipe for success.

Go on, even you.

You know it’s in there. Hidden away in your brain, locked tight for fear of exposure. Maybe floating smoke-like on the surface of consciousness, scarcely understood, waiting for solid form.

Or, out there for the world to see. Empowered, alive.

Wherever it is, committing to your own secret recipe and other ideas around success isn’t always easy. You’re actually encouraged not to.

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Do You Notice the Moments That Change Your Life?

There are moments when a book can change your life.


The Icarus Deception – I receive affirmation—right there from someone who knows—that yes, we are all artists.

On Writing Well – I realize I’ve been writing wrong—or not quite right—the entire time.

The Big Leap – I discover the Upper Limit Problem—how I’ve spent my life striking myself down to average whenever I feel like I get too close to Greatness.
[leap pic]
These leaps forward were all sprung from printed word. How simple, how complex.

But I notice a habit in myself. Before I finish a book I’m loving, I start thinking, “There is so much more out there to read—what’s the next thing? What’s the next way I can change?!”

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The Hidden Room of Self Confidence

There’s a secret about self confidence that they don’t want you to know.


What we think it’s made up of is a sham.

Self confidence is not a thing to be founded upon the outside world’s measurements—acclaim, salary, recognition, titles, et cetera.

It’s a thing that can only originate from your own and lone internal measurements . . .

And permissions.

These things may have nothing to do with what they know about you, and everything to do with what you know about you, yet we tend to keep the focus on the former.

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Good Morning! Waking Up with Anxiety.

Lately I wake up to anxiety. You know the feeling?

Not the kind that punches you in the gut—eyes flung open to see your lover didn’t come home last night.

Nor the throbbing kind that lingers with loss or failure—you were fired last week, your dog died on Sunday.

No, the anxiety atop my pillow is a slow-burning sort, one that builds with a dullness and looks away when I’m looking. Awkward and unbelonging, but sheepishly grinning anyhow.

This corner-dwelling angst does not ruin my day or rattle my brains . . . not much, anyway. Mostly, it just hangs out. Not fully engaging, but lacking the common decency to just get out, then.

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Money & Leisure: Do You Deserve Permission?

Here’s the thing:

There’s a good chance that you get a perverse sense of comfort from withholding permission, from dwelling in the realm of “I don’t deserve great things.” Why? Because it’s the realm in which you’ve spent the most time.

The record beneath the needle is the record that plays.

You keep saying you’re not worthy? You keep denying yourself permission?

Repetition breeds reality.

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I Don’t Care If You Feel like It, and I Don’t Care If You Don’t

A big perk of my lifestyle is that if I feel like doing something, I can usually just do it. I’m not talking about helicopter rides over Hawaii, but you know, modest, day-to-day stuff.

If I feel like reading for two hours before getting out of bed, I do. If I want to take some random days off to hide out in a cabin, I do. If I want to have a glass of wine at three in the afternoon, I do.

This mojo in my work life, though, often means that wait until I feel like it to do just about anything.

There’s some seize-the-day in there, but mostly it’s just lack of discipline. If I only write when I feel like it, what about the times when I don’t? How am I training myself here?

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Finding Time to Create When Life Is Full

If I’m not creating the time for creativity, perhaps the question is:

Do I really want to create at all?

Action teaches us about ourselves. You may say you want to be a famous singer or basketball player, but if you never sing or hit the courts, you don’t actually want it.

But wait—there’s something different about creative efforts.

The question isn’t whether you want it or not; creativity is a process. It is both the means and the end. Like physical exercise, it’s a practice, an act of strengthening and rejuvenating the system.

The question is not whether you want to create (be honest—you do), but, why are you not creating? What are you avoiding?

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Life Design Hacks to Make You Marvelous as Maisel

It’s fitting that as I organize my life for a 40-hour road trip back to Georgia this week’s roundup covers ways to get organized. Better yet: it’s about life design (and doing it right).

If you’ve been following Roadwritten, you know that I’m all about organization and life design.

Just kidding!

But I do attempt these things frequently.

At any rate, you’re about to discover five things that will honestly make your life better, funnier, smarter, and more beautiful. Just remember that all those things are subjective, but still!

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The Secret to Embracing Challenge like a Lazy Person

There’s a new development in the Roadwritten world: I’ve decided to take the easy way out.

Err, scratch that: I’ve decided to embrace challenge.

Oof, I’m not explaining this quite right … The thing is, it turns out they may be one and the same. Let’s dig in.

Growing up on farmland an hour north of Atlanta, I believed returning to live in a state I knew so well (namely, to Atlanta) would be taking the easy way out.

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Five Things to Feel Better: Bullet Journals, Brain Trains, Sleep, & More!

It seems the common thread of this week’s roundup is cultivation. Tilling, planting, faith in the seasons. Future focused, but in a vague way. Like me, like this quest.

Below you’ll find few grand reasons and ways to value your creativity, the best bullet journal for productivity, and a bizarre pod to revitalize your weary brain. Foundational things for your future so bright.

And it will be bright, it has to be.

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