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Do you wish you could travel more?


Of course you do.


Yet, you’re probably one of millions who don’t travel because you think you don’t have enough money. But the term “free travel” shouldn’t be an oxymoron—my book will change that.

Straight to the point, she focuses on the important parts of saving money when traveling. Covering a variety of topics ranging from saving money on flights, transportation options including hitchhiking to peer sharing for rides to finding affordable stays to working while traveling, this book should be in the back pocket of all nomads and budget travelers.


With the humor of Bill Bryson and the expertise of Lonely Planet Guides, this book will make you a pro on . . .

• Budgeting
• Travel hacking (credit card secrets for free airfare and hotels!)
• Countless free accommodation options
• Living and working abroad
• Voluntourism & work-exchange
• Budget food, lodging, and transportation
• Housesitting
• Travel planning

Yes, ‘free’ is in the title; no, it’s not a gimmick. I’ve combed over thirty countries and hundreds of cities, taken every imaginable mode of transport, roomed with over forty foreign families, and lived the most exciting, sleepless, fun, meaningful, and/or dangerous times of my life—all to find the best ways to move around this world for free.

Everywhere for Nothing gives you the know-how and courage to take the adventure of your dreams. Whether it’s free flights, home-cooked meals in France, a place to call home in Slovenia, or finding Vietnam’s best street food, there’s no magic to making these experiences your own.

Do you feel that? The engine’s running. Hop in!

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