Meggan Kaiser

Hi, nice to see you here.

I’m a traveler, writer, foodie, author, media producer, and host—most recently for a Travel Channel budget travel show called 24/$7.

Fine, add to that an actor, real estate investor, and part-time philosopher.

(I have to warn you of that last one since my maunderings take up the bulk of this blog.)

There’s been more: I’ve worked in finance, estate management, five star hospitality, gourmet food sales, international volunteerism, digital nomadism, acting, comedy, branding, and media production.

In over ten years of pivots, home included Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Portland, New Zealand, and Atlanta. In-between, I spent long stretches living, traveling, and working in over 18 countries … (though my count now is reaching toward 40!)

In short:

I explore and tinker … a lotThe intent here, then, is still to document the pursuit of living happily while being a creative.

This state of creative and contented combined was one I believed impossible to me. I hadn’t been raised to be an “artist.” I went to business school—we valued report cards and credentials over self-exploration and inspiration. I supposed I’d be a suit-wearing, hair-in-a-bun runner of meetings. And although all that training was helpful in its own way, it led me to believe that creatives were something born and bred.

Creativity was for the “creative types,” and it was simply too late for me.

But it turns out I was right about that first part–creativity is for the “creative types.”

And fancy that—we are all the creative types.

Creativity isn’t about “inherent” artsiness. It’s about decisive confidence. It’s not paint brushes, Photoshop, or paper mâché—it’s grit, discipline, and the courage to bet on yourself.

So here I am, betting like crazy, designing the life I want, and soaking up the South in Atlanta.

But enough about me, it’s you I want to hear from.

Shoot me a message!

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