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Stop being a secret writer.


There is (literally) only one person like you, which means you have something absolutely original to offer. There’s no use hiding it anymore.


Yes, you are a creative genius (already). But you’re having trouble getting it out.


That’s why I’m here.

Let’s make something happen.

It’s okay to be amazing and still need a support system. Even experts need support systems.

Just look at the human dolphin Michael Phelps:

For over 20 years, his credo has been “Trust in Bob,” his coach. His shares his wins with Bob, because Bob has been there every step of the way.

It’s not just that I’ll help you unlock your greatness, it’s also that I know where you’re coming from. I’ve taken the journey myself, spending years getting battered, bruised, and just plain lost to figure out the tools of writing success. 

I know it’s scary. I get it. That’s the price of making something out of nothing. It’s scary and overwhelming and sticky and tantalizing and it is so, so doable.

And guess what …

It will be a million times easier than you think. And also a million times harder. Writing is amazing that way.

You don’t need creativity—you already have it. What you need is accountability to the force that is already in you.

Let’s get your book/blog/[insert dream here] DONE.


What’s a Writing Coach?

Let’s say you have the idea or some draft for a book, a website, startup, magazine, letter, comic book, etc….

You have the big picture, but aren’t grasping the nuts and bolts of how to get there.


You know the nuts and bolts, but you’re just not doing them.


You’re feeling a mysterious pull to explore your creativity. You have no idea what it means, but you want to lean in.

You’re in the right place, and I got you. And if you’re the creative ADD type, then helloooo kindred spirit—that’s even better!

I’m part-writing coach, part-multipreneur, part-creative, part-philosopher, and part-cheerleader. I bring deep listening, blunt courage, and crafty problem-solving to your writing journey.

I read between the lines, find patterns that could be keeping you stuck, and help you get out of your way

We write each chapter together.

(Yes, that’s a metaphor.)

The actual writing? That’s all you. I just get you to do it until we reach that wonderful point where you don’t need me anymore.

If you’re sitting there reading and knowing that all you need is a little push to start flying, let’s connect. You shouldn’t stay grounded.

This isn’t a therapist-patient relationship, nor a consultant-buyer thing. This is a partnership.

This is you, creating.

I’m a writing coach in Atlanta, but you don’t have to be here to work with me. My clients are all over America—there are even a couple abroad!

I’d love to learn more about you, discuss the possibility of working together, and determine if we’re a good fit, so let’s hop on the phone (don’t worry—it’s on me).

Plan a phone call now!

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