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Let’s talk travel! Budget, free, digital nomadism, travel hacking, or the simple philosophy of travel as a practice. Meggan is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances. 


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Title: Everywhere for Nothing

Subtitle: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad

Author: Meggan Kaiser

Publisher: Bossmeggan, LLC

Ebook Publication: December 1, 2018

Paperback Publication: November 1, 2018

Retail Price: $12.49 US (Paperback)

Isbn-13 Ebook: 978-1-7327965-2-2

Isbn-13 Paperback: 978-1-7327965-7-7

Pages: 170

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Bios — Short & Long

Short Version

Meggan is a budget traveler, writer, Travel Channel host, author, and producer based in Atlanta. Despite an International Business degree, she’s worked in finance, estate management, five star hospitality, gourmet food sales, peanut canning (!), jewelry, petsitting, international volunteerism, script consulting, and even spent a year as a live game show host.

In over ten years of pivots, home included Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Portland, New Zealand, and Atlanta. 

Her best-selling book Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad and other forthcoming titles will help you travel cheaper and live better. Stay in the know—join the email list at Happy trails!


Long Version

Meggan is a budget traveler, writer, Travel Channel host, author, and producer based in Atlanta. After an International Business degree from the University of Georgia, she traded the briefcase for a backpack and hit the road.

First stop? Jackson Hole, Wyoming for four winters before traipsing in-and-around Europe for nearly two years, housesitting, couchsurfing, or living and working with 18 families for room and board. Next? A pivot to acting and indie comedy in Los Angeles.

But through it all? Travel and writing. Once she realized the things she knew (like free travel!) might merit a larger following, she quit Hollywood to write her first book, Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad.

Written word that’s funny and beautiful is an art Kaiser honed through a lifetime of random adventures and careers mixed with voracious reading and writing. Her style is succinct, comedic, and interwoven with a love of classic literature.

This love of words shines when Meggan hits the stage, too. Not the classic introverted writer, she loves getting in front of crowds to preach the good word of travel as a lifestyle and practice.

Forthcoming pursuits include a series to help young people manage money better, and a translated work of  Stoic philosophy with a respectful modern twist. Expect more from an Everywhere for Nothing series as she brings the Free Travel Movement to people—especially young people—all over the world. Find her and connect at


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Sales Copy

Longform Copy For Newsletters, Email Campaigns, Blog Posts, Etc.:


Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad

Open the world and change your life …


Our friend Meggan Kaiser, author, Travel Channel host, and travel addict, has a new book on—no joke—how to travel for FREE. It’s called Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad, and we’re betting that it will change the face of travel as we know it.

Straight to the point, she focuses on the important parts of saving money when traveling. Covering a variety of topics ranging from saving money on flights, transportation options including hitchhiking to peer sharing for rides to finding affordable stays to working while traveling, this book should be in the back pocket of all nomads and budget travelers.

Who doesn’t love travel? But who thinks it’s too cost prohibitive or time absorbing? Yup—most people. But those myths are debunked in Kaiser’s book as she covers all the different ways to fly, stay, sightsee, and eat without spending a dime.

Everywhere for Nothing is a step-by-step guide with proven strategies, practical tips, and mix-and-match formulas to travel for free. Whether you’re a backpacking hitchhiker or a resort-loving family, there are tons of ways to make money absent from your travel experience. Do yourself and your travels a favor, get this book today and start packing your bags! Visit or order the book on Amazon!

Shortform Copy For Blurbs:


Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad

Are you traveling as often as you’d like? If your answer (like most everybody else’s) is “no,” then it’s time to read Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad. Kaiser debunks the myth of expensive travel with all the different ways to fly, sleep, sightsee, and eat without spending a dime. There’s no secret to making travel a bigger part of your life, especially when you can do it for free! Find out how, step-by-step, in this fun new book.

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“Does it sometimes feel like you are over spending on travel? Or you are missing out on travel reward options? Or perhaps need some guidance with accumulating miles and points? Or just want reputable information for how to save money when on the road? Despite the diminutive size of the book, Meggan answers these questions. She packs a remarkable amount of travel tips and travel hacks within its pages.

Straight to the point, she focuses on the important parts of saving money when traveling. Covering a variety of topics ranging from saving money on flights, transportation options including hitchhiking to peer sharing for rides to finding affordable stays to working while traveling,  this book should be in the back pocket of all nomads and budget travelers. Hopefully we will see more of this dynamo author – she has a lot to contribute when it comes to seeing the world on a shoestring.”

Everywhere for Nothing, where do I begin? This book is crammed with information for the inexperienced and experienced traveler. As a frequent traveler, I was worried it would be filled with information that I already possessed, but I was very surprised on the vast amount of insider tips that were provided that I never had considered.

Meggan has a fun witty way of educating you through the nitty-gritty of travel planning answering questions you may have never thought of asking while providing personal stories from her past experiences. I highly recommend for all interested in exploring the world.”

“This is a great book for anyone who thinks travel is out of their reach. The book provides excellent information in a really informative way to the reader.  As a long time budget traveller myself I thought that there might not be any new info I could learn from the book … but boy was I wrong!  The book not only contained useful tips and tricks, but it also explained how to use the tools talked about in the book. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who: 

  • Wants to travel 
  • Either has money or doesn’t have bucket loads of money 
  • Anyone who does travel”

Interview Resources

Speaker Introduction

Please view here.

Some Interview Topics . . .

The Top Ways to Travel For Free

Warning: The world of free travel is a Pandora’s box. But it’s not complicated. The main pillars of free travel are: (1) getting there, (2) staying there, (3) exploring there, and (4) eating there. In part, this includes credit card hacking, car rental hacking, work exchange, housesitting, couchstays, and peer-to-peer sharing. There are free ways to get by every step of the way, and once we dive in, you can mix-and-match as you please!


My Story

I’ve traveled all my life, often as a solo female, in tons of different circumstances. I’ve hosted people in the States, then stayed with them years later in their own country. I’ve slept on the floor with rats while helping build a Spanish Cathedral. I’ve lived with 18 different families. I’ve lived alone in the Italian countryside while taking care of alpacas. Eaten fresh backyard goat milk at every meal for weeks. There are a few minor eyebrow-raisers, but most of my life has been filled with travel magic and inspiration.


Specific Free Travel Methods

Let’s zone in on just a few of the many free travel methods: Housesitting, travel hacking, couchstays (couchsurfing), hitchhiking, work-exchange, budgeting, car rental hacking, tourism tips, or eating tips.


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Sample Interview Questions

Why budget travel? 

What if you have the money to travel however you want? You talk about travel as a “practice”—what do you mean?

What kind of people should read your book?

Is free travel really possible?

Does there have to be a certain timeframe in life for budget travel?

When do you suggest people take advantage of free or budget travel?

What is travel hacking?

What’s the best deal you ever scored?

Do you advise taking sabbaticals from school or work to travel long term?

Is there a certain age range that you think is best for free travel?

Are the methods in this book safe for families/young people/older people?

Why did you write this book?

What is the most important free travel method?

Is budgeting important?

What have you learned from travel?

Do you solo travel?

Can you still have a luxury experience and travel for free?

What are some of your favorite free travel stories?

What do you hope results from people reading this book?


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If you want #freetravel, it’s going to require imagination, insight, and bravery. Can you dig it?

Today’s budgeting affects tomorrow’s destinations. #freetravel @bossmeggan

Free travel for the modern nomad. Is that you? Do you *want* it to be you? Read this book! @Bossmeggan

You can decide that travel is too cost-prohibitive, or you can decide to travel for free. @Bossmeggan #everywherefornothing

Saying yes to free travel doesn’t mean saying no to the Real World. @Bossmeggan #everywherefornothing


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