The Essentials . . or Not. What Will You Miss?

Sometimes, when you’re not watching, the mess grows into something too large to handle.

Something has to be done.

You stand there, arms akimbo, surveying the room. What’s to stay? What’s to go?

Each item you pick up, take in, turn in your hands. You set it back upon the shelf, but grasp it once again before the hand pulls away.

What did it mean to you? Why does it remain?

view of a desk in a room with a mirror

The problem when things get out of hand like this is that the cumulative weight of their needless existence catches in your bones, causes you to move more slowly.

Sometimes you have to get rid of everything, or nearly, to figure out what you’ll miss. What you needed at all.

Keep the bed, the toothbrush, the books, the pen.

Keep the essentials, let go of the rest.



I don’t have to spell out that I’m not exactly being literal here (but hey, it’s typing, and the nature of it is that I spell it out). But part of this is literal. Maybe a big part. Let Marie Kondō help you weigh things with her amazing book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

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