The Morning Routine Ideas You Need

We know that a daily morning routine is important.


How do we know?


Because I told you in my post Why You Need a Morning Routine. 


Have you made a list of morning routine ideas? If not, now is the time.

Here—I’ll help.


Daily Morning Routine Ideas:


1. Journal

Dump out everything that’s been scrolling through your mind from dream world and the day before.

Find a low range number of pages you feel comfortable with, then let this number grow or shrink whenever it feels right. It’s not about quality or content. Scribble stream-of-consciousness style (“dump it out”) and always stop before you get bored.

Remember: if you don’t enjoy your practice, you won’t come back to it.

2. Meditate 

Don’t be strict about this—just let the sea of your mind slosh around for a bit. Try either to focus on breathing, think nothing, or repeat mantras. Let random thoughts surface and then drift away “like a cork in the ocean.”

Avoid pressure to do meditation right.

I was only able to consistently practice once I stopped scolding myself over technique. The meditation app that helped me get started is Insight Timer.  


3. Stretch 

No pressure to be a yogi here, just wake yourself up with increased oxygen flow. Ensure proper form, but mostly just indulge in working out tight spots. (I use Insight Timer here, too.)


4. Dance: Pick a song or two or have a regular morning-starter song.

5. Make a Gratitude List: Get Chris Winfield’s take.

6. Make a To-Do List

7. Pray or reflect

8. Exercise . . . or just take a quick walk outside.

9. Send a gratitude message to someone

10. Recite affirmations or mantras

11. Read something inspiring

12. Brainstorm social media posts for the day



Here’s my current morning routine:

1. Journal at least two pages upon wakeup.

2. Make bed and drink about a liter of water.

3. Meditate about eight minutes (initially I began with three, but I bump it up a minute when it feels natural).

4. Yoga/Stretch 5-10 minutes.

5. Make tea & leisurely breakfast before starting work.


That last part is the icing on the cake. It’s the reward.

Leisurely breakfast putzing feels indulgent because I go into it knowing that I’ve already accomplished several things that day.

Mindless breakfast is my time to rev up and gather thoughts for the rest of the day. During those 30-40 minutes, the excitement grows toward sitting down at my desk.

Usually at some point between meditation and putz time, ideas for the day’s writing come to me.

It’s magic.

scenic morning frost over hills with sunrise

What do you do to instill order in your life? Do you have a morning routine? Any ideas to add to my list?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this below. And get an email when I post something new!



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