Three Ways to Beat Self-Limiting Beliefs NOW

Yesterday, we talked about the beaucoup of forces that act in unison to support the habits of self-limiting beliefs.

Today, we kick that sh*t to the curb.

street curb

So, here are three ways to overcome self-limiting beliefs RIGHT DARN NOW:

1. Counter Affirmations

2. Self-Improvement

3. Disengagement


1. Counter Affirmations

Our thoughts are tracks we play in our minds. Words are intangible; their only substance is our credence.

It follows that if we remove the foul track of self-limiting beliefs and slide another tape in, we can let that one play just as easily.

Try it.

For example:

I’m a shitshow → I am creative, exciting, and unpredictable.

I have no idea what’s going on in my life → I am on a path toward discovering the next chapter of my life. I can’t see far ahead, but I trust my footsteps.

I’m not good enough → My talents are unique and desirable and my perseverance will be rewarded.

old ad for a tape deck

Go ahead:

Make two columns on a piece of paper. List out all that BS you chant on one side.

For each anti-affirmation, write a counter thought in the opposing column.

I’m not asking you to believe the counter affirmation. I’m asking you to write it and repeat it instead of the limiting belief. That’s all. But yes, the joke’s on you here. Like it or not, when you show discipline with this method, you will magically begin believing the affirmation.

Give it time, don’t give up, and do. this. for. yourself.


2. Self-Improvement

Yes, putting an end to self-limiting beliefs will result in overall self-improvement. But what I’m talking about here are the general tried-and-true methods that are used to reach the end goal of an improved self…

I have a friend(s?) who is pretty sad—depressed, even. He complains a lot and it’s pretty annoying. 

Why? Not because it’s negative and sometimes-annoying, but because he doesn’t do anything about it.

You know this guy too.


Apart from cultural “brainwashing” (see yesterday’s post), we also have deep emotional reasons behind self-limiting beliefs.

Perhaps it was an abusive parent or lover. Maybe an older sibling always outshined you. Maybe you accidentally killed the family dog and are forever traumatized.

Sometimes things happen in life that make us feel unworthy without our even realizing it. It’s up to us to find those things, be aware of them, and uproot them, and that takes work.

We are all worthy of what we desire (as long as it doesn’t bring harm to others).


It’s not easy to heal on our own.

You aren’t expected to just *know* chemistry, why should you be expected to just *know* psychology??

Seek multiple means of self-improvement to help you learn about your own psychology: Journal daily, find a therapist you love, read books (an Amazon search will work wonders, but you can also check out my Brainfoods list).

You being Unlimited You will take work.

Nobody’s spirit grows in a vacuum. If you want expansion, get outside yourself. 


3. Disengagement

Okay you proud bastard, if you’re not ready to take counter affirmation or self-improvement steps, then I’ll offer you this to get out of the limiting beliefs cycle:


Don’t let the self-limiting tape play. The thoughts will literally get you nowhere.

If you don’t want to replace the thoughts with positivity, distract yourself any way you can. Just go stare at a fucking wall and really focus on it.

Whatever you do, don’t let the bad thoughts back in. Disengage and distract—it’s like getting rid of hiccups.

blank wall outside

disengage: just. stare.

Thoughts are either something or nothing. They are formless and powerless and only have what you give them.

Starve them out if you have to.


Thank you for reading that post. You are helping me to have to believe in what I say, just as writing this has helped me to track all the BS I’ve been filling my brain with and start getting a handle on it.

My affirmation: I am lucky to have found a path to a fulfilling and rewarding writing career. I am getting all the gear in place and warming up in preparation for the playing season. When it’s time to play, I’ll be ready.


What are your limiting beliefs? Can you relate to this? How do you deal?

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