Work Routine: How do YOU do it? (Really!)

There goes another work routine—I’m back on the road.

I’ve just finished housesitting for a week in San Jose. It seems to take me two to three days to get into the groove of a place before I can maintain a solid work routine.

That’s not okay.

Part of my goal with Roadwritten and my career as a writer in general is to be able to move. I can’t let my productivity rhythm get thrown off just because my surroundings change.

I slept in 12 different places last month (alone, thank you very much). In December, I’ve clocked three so far. Vaguely ridiculous.

desolate looking empty desk in empty building

The goal is this: no matter where I wake up, do exactly the same thing for the first several hours. Follow a morning routine that streams into an afternoon workflow.

Maybe that’s asking a lot, but other people do it, so I want to be able to do it.

I have the morning routine down (journal, meditate, stretch, tea), but sometimes it doesn’t keep me moving through to the point where I actually sit down to type.

What do I do instead? I…don’t…know.

Does that happen to you? Complete loss of time accountability? I don’t watch TV. I don’t surf. I don’t social media (so much). Am I just blacking out?

I feel like this is a very boo-hoo-me-centric post, so: I’m sorry. Really. But can you help me?

What do you do? How do you keep a workflow when the ADD child inside encourages you to measure out servings of tea for your upcoming travels instead of work?

Tips/thoughts/advice welcome, leave a comment below.


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