Now, When All the Moments are for You

You didn’t make the wrong decision.

There is no wrong decision.

It doesn’t exist behind you, nor in the minds of yourself or others. It doesn’t exist anywhere.

There was never any outcome with judgment attached to it. There was just an outcome. That’s all.

We exist rather negligibly in a gargantuan universe. Applying a subjective human judgment system to the outcomes we think we’ve created is a bit…grandiose.

Every moment leading to now has simply been a stepping stone. Every moment has served one singular purpose: to get you to now, and now, and (wait for it)…now.

Lucky for you, the now decisions are the only ones that matter. Not because they will procure “good” or “bad” results, but because with every “now” moment, you are given a choice to start over: move toward fulfillment or move away from it.

It sounds simple—painfully so. Shouldn’t life be more difficult? More complex and exacting?

a river with stepping stones

So, the question is this:

Is now moving you toward where you want to be?

Not where you want to be in ten years or forty, but where you want to be in the next moment. We’re not living for a future life. We’re living for this life. Now.

Do you feel the nudge of instinct pushing you toward fulfillment? Do you follow?


Are you going through the motions? Letting a blueprint embossed upon your brain from schooling, culture, and/or familial norms make the decisions for you?

It’s not about knowing where the stepping stones lead—we can’t know.

It’s about enjoying what’s under your feet.


I write something like this to myself because I need to remember how I can’t control everything. My decisions are only decisions; when I look back at all the times I think I’ve screwed up or gotten it right, it all just seems to equal out.

It all has gotten me to here. “Here” is a place I enjoy…but I’d enjoy it more if I could stop worrying about whether or not I’m doing the right thing.

Here’s to now, at any rate!

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