Automated Creativity: Pavlov Dog Yourself

My last post proved beyond a shadow of doubt that you can use music to change productivity.

Now, It’s time to Pavlov that shizz.

In playing specific music each time you work on a specific type of task, you influence your mood and thus your work, but you also train your behavior to want to do the task when it hears that type of music.

You’ve put in the time finding the right music for your efforts, so the next step is simple:

Whenever you want to create a specific outcome, play the music that leads you to undertake the required effort.

Tribal beats are the only tunes I hear when writing creatively; furthermore, the only time I play tribal beats is when I’m writing. Since I’ve been doing that for several months, I now automatically am influenced to write when I hear tribal beats.

On bad days, pressing play can be the precise push I need to get to work.

pressing the play button

Pro tip:

Just like the sound of bells triggered Pavlov’s dogs to drool, try playing the same “kickoff” song before work as a trigger to get you in the mood…and I’ve got the perfect suggestion

The Pavlov mood and music training is my own little theory, and it works. There’s an art to this music thing (and I mean that in more ways than one), so let’s play music so it plays us right.

Try it out and let me know what you think, or just let me know what you think about Nickelback.

Remember, if you want to know how to get yourself set up for your Pavlovian training, check out this post.

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